Stop Smoking and Make your Life Healthier


Great Help to Quit Smoking

Acupuncture is used as the primary treatment modality of the detoxification program in the US for drug, alcohol and nicotine addictions.  Acupuncture also has the highest success rate for stopping smoking among all of the available methods.  In contrast, millions of people around the world failed to stop smoking by hypnosis, nicotine gum or patch, and/or counseling.

Modern science has confirmed that smoking triggers higher levels of nicotine-induced endorphins.  Acupuncture stimulates the body and regulates the amount of endorphins.  Unlike nicotine patches, acupuncture helps in cleansing nicotine buildup in the body instead of adding more to it.  Acupuncture helps to eliminate the mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal.  Acupuncture is highly effective in calming the mind, minimizing anxiety, and reducing cravings.

The number of treatments depends on how many years you have smoked and how heavily.  Generally, a number of treatments over a couple of weeks is required for most people to successfully quit smoking.

One common phenomenon experienced by clients is a taste change of cigarettes during treatment. They feel that cigarettes taste like burning ash and are distasteful.  Many of them are unable to finish a cigarette and lose the urge to smoke.  About 90% of people report more energy and are able to reduce their number of cigarettes by more than 50% after the first visit.  After stopping smoking, gaining weight is common.  Acupuncture can effectively help suppress appetite and diminish food cravings.

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